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Medicine as a Career


A career in medicine is a career of: Service- The profession of medicine requires a unique commitment to put the service of others first. Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? Does having a positive impact and the ability to help others drive you? If you answered “YES”, then you are probably on right track; but there are also others factors to consider before committing to such a field. It allows you to be a life longer learner. It is an occupation where your field of expertise continually expands. As a result your knowledge base must follow suit. It is a profession that requires quick thinking and decision-making. Peoples will look to you for answers, and it is up to you to provide them. Foremost though, a career in medicine is one of respect. The work you do is important to both the individual and community.
Despite the challenges, it is the prospect of the future reward that should drive you. A career in medicine career the unique opportunities to help others through communication and commitment. It is chance to develop relationship with patient and engage in problem-solving that that requires you to adapt on case-by-case basis. Yet these challenges allows for you to become a student for you profession, continually striving to learn more and become the best doctor you can be.
Here are some of the most important and decisive reasons to undertake the journey to becoming a doctor:
• Diverse a career opportunities for graduates
• Working with peoples
• The ability to help peoples directly and making them happier
• Globally recognized field
• Stable job and safe career
• A great need and safe career
• A great need for good doctors
• Status and respect in society