Brilliant Tutorials Educational Institute Pvt. Ltd.
"A Factory Provided Maximum Number of Medigo's and IITian "


The foundation of Brilliant Tutorials Educational Institute Pvt. Ltd. was laid with the aim of developing competitive thinking and strategic analytical approach that were required effectively to today’s global competitive environment.
Brilliant Tutorials Educational Institute Pvt. Ltd. the flagship institute of BRILLIANT Group of educational Institutions has been training students for IIT-JEE & various MEDICAL/Engineering Entrance Exams and have been producing excellent result at the highest level.
Brilliant Institute Group of Educational Institutions has proven its eminence in quality education for the last 3 decades. We have created confidence among our students to excel in any kind of competitive or school level examination by resting on the pillars of excellence, innovation & commitment. Our eminent & experienced faculty, highly committed support staff, rigorous testing techniques, supported by well-researched study material are the hallmarks of BRILLIANT Group.
The programme structure of brilliant institute endeavors to combine insights from a number of academic disciplines and functional areas and equip the students with tools to effectively analyze various facets of the competition. It balances conceptual & practical skills and also focuses on developing following competencies, essential for today’s environment:
1. Problem solving skills
2. Decision making skills
3. Positive Attitude.
4. Proactive Approach
5. Hardworking Attitude
We, at Brilliant institute strongly believe that a blend of conceptual knowledge and right approach is essential for over all development of an individual and immensely important to make him successful in the competitive world.